Most payments to Ball State—tuition and fees, room and board, and other miscellaneous charges—are made using our eBill online system.  

You may also set up an Authorized Payer such as a family member, to have online access to your account. Authorized Payers will need a unique login per each student. Authorized Payers also receive email notices when the eBill is available.

Ball State University does not accept overpayments on student accounts that exceed current semester charges. Please pay only the amount due on your student account to avoid payment delays.



Log in to MyBSU. Select Self Service Banner. Select Student. Select eBill.

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Authorized Payers

Log in to eBill using your username and password.


Guest Payers

Log in to eBill using student's Ball State ID and last name.

How to Pay a Bill

You will receive an email whenever you have a bill ready to view. (You will not receive a paper bill.)

A student, authorized payer or guest payer may pay a bill by any of the following methods.

Log into eBill and pay your bill online using either of the following options.


Use the account and routing numbers for a valid checking or savings account.

Credit Card

Log into eBill and pay your bill using credit card payment. We only accept card payments online, not in person. The payment will include an additional 2.75 percent convenience fee.

Mail a check to the following address. Please be sure to include the student ID number.

Ball State University
Office of Bursar and Loan Administration
Lucina Hall, Room B32
Muncie, IN 47306

You may pay your bill in person with any of the following:

  • cash
  • check
  • money order
  • cashier’s check

Please bring your payment to:

Lucina Hall
Room B32

See additional notes

Payment Options

Students and Authorized Payers have two payment options each month.


Who Can Pay?

Along with students, authorized payers and guest payers can access an eBill. Learn more.

You pay the total amount due by the due date on the eBill.

This payment includes:

  • tuition and fees
  • room and board (or University Apartment rent)
  • any other miscellaneous charges

Who Can Pay?

Along with students, authorized payers and guest payers can access an eBill. Learn more.

You may pay a deferred amount by the due date on the eBill. No sign up is required. Log in, select “Make a Payment,” and pay at least the Deferment Amount listed on the statement.

You may make up to four deferred payments per semester, available in the fall and spring only.

We assess a $30 fee for the first deferred payment and $15 for the second and third. The fee will be added to the following month’s eBill. The Deferment Amount will vary by month, so please refer to your eBill for amount due.

Failure to pay at least the deferment amount by the due date will result in a 1 percent late fee.


Charges from a prior term or semester and apartment rent are due in full and included in the “Deferment Amount” on your eBill.

Fall Semester Deferment Schedule
Due Deferment Amount Fee
Sept. 1 25% $30
Oct. 1 33.5% $15
Nov. 1 50% $15
Dec. 1 100% $0
Fall Semester Deferment Schedule
Due Deferment Amount Fee
Jan. 1 25% $30
Feb. 1 33.5% $15
March 1 50% $15
April 1 100% $0

Special Payment Types

529 Plans

If you are using a 529 Plan to pay your eBill, please see our special instructions. Learn more.

International Payments

We have partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to provide an easier, more affordable payments option than wire transfers. Learn more.

Questions About Fees

The MBA/business essentials fee is assessed to all graduate students enrolled in the MBA degree program or the Business Essentials certificate program. This fee is assessed at a rate of $1000 per semester for students enrolled in more than 6 hours, and $500 per semester fee for students enrolled in 6 or fewer hours.

No, your graduate assistantship fee remission will not cover the MBA/business essentials fee. The fee remission applies to a portion of your tuition, the non-resident fee, and student services fee. Grad assistants are responsible for covering the remaining tuition, in addition to the technology fee, recreation center fee, health center fee, any program, course or lab fees, and electronic textbook fees.

Please refer to your assistantship contract for additional information.

The student services fee helps support many events for students on campus. It includes the L.A. Pittenger Student Center and its programming, as well as athletic events and events at Emens Auditorium and other performing venues, which students may attend. It also supports student groups, recreational activities, and debt payment on certain student facilities.

The health center fee is assessed to all students enrolled on campus. The fee supports the operations of the Health Center and lets students seek medical attention at no additional charge. 

The health center fee does not cover prescriptions, lab work/testing, medical equipment, and other services.

The health center fee supports the operation of the Health Center. Every student having access to the Health Center benefits the health and wellness of the university community.

The recreation center fee, assessed to all students registered with at least one main campus course, allows access to the facility. The fee supports the operations of the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Please note the recreation fee does not cover BSU Fit classes, intramural sports, or Outdoor Pursuit trips.

Visit Recreation Services for more information.

You do not have access to either facility unless you are enrolled in a main campus course{s) and have been assessed the health center fee and/or recreation center fee.

If you have not been assessed the health center fee but would like access to the Health Center, you may request the fee to be assessed to your bursar account through the end of the Add/Drop period by going to the Health Center, the Office of Bursar & Loan Administration, or by emailing the Bursar. For access to the Student Recreation and Wellness Complex, please visit Recreation Services.

The technology fee is essential for the university to operate and maintain a complex technological infrastructure. The fee supports wired and wireless networks, computer labs, software, and software systems such as Canvas, Self-Service Banner (SSB), eBill, Outlook and others. The fee also allows students to purchase software at reduced or no additional cost.

All students are required to pay the technology fee which supports software systems such as Self-Service Banner (SSB), eBill, Outlook, Canvas, and other systems which you can access while you are student teaching, just as you would if you were on campus.

An electronic textbook is a digital version of a textbook and other educational resources. Electronic textbooks may also include content such as workbooks, tutorials, videos, simulations, and interactive software.

The electronic textbook fee provides access to these resources and is nonrefundable.

The transportation fee was established to fund the costs of the campus shuttle system: buses, maintenance, drivers, fuel, and insurance. The transportation fee is assessed only to main campus students who are not residing in a University Residence Hall or University Apartment. This Fee can be assessed to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The fee assessed for the Writing Proficiency Exam is used to defray a portion of the cost of administering the exam.

The additional course fee of $15 per credit hour applies only to students enrolled in specific academic programs or courses that have higher expenses than others, and more closely aligns the revenue with expenses associated with these specific academic programs or courses.